Outlaw Laboratories is a boutique television production company, specializing in innovative custom content with a multi-platform reach. Leading the creative charge is Emmy nominated and award winning Producer, Director and Editor, Jeff Roe. Outlaw Laboratories grew from Jeff’s passion for art and storytelling, which led to transferring his ideas into stunning on-screen visuals. A decade later, we are still fueled by the desire to deliver fresh, innovative and compelling content.


We provide imaginative and cost-effective solutions while inspiring, engaging and entertaining audiences. From televised events to comedic short films, from advertiser funded marketing campaigns to bespoke digital content, Outlaw Laboratories thrives on pushing creative boundaries by conceiving of new and engaging viewer experiences, no matter the scope or scale of the project.



Jeff Roe is an Emmy-nominated and award-winning producer, director, and editor based in Los Angeles. A true storyteller at heart, Jeff Roe is the Founder & CEO of Outlaw Laboratories, a boutique production company dedicated to producing content on the cutting edge. He has built his legacy on the principle of transforming idiosyncratic ideas into successful properties.

With over 20 years experience, nine Emmy Nominations, and multiple wins from film festivals around the globe, Jeff has lent his unique and varied skillset to nearly every format and medium of visual storytelling possible; from unprecedented musical performances for Billboard, MTV, and iHeartRadio, to live action/animation integration for Nickelodeon, to even dissecting top-level scientific research for National Geographic – the list goes on and on – exemplifying how truly expansive Jeff’s mastery is. Pairing these things with his signature  comedy shorts, and full-length comedy specials, and all around event programming, Jeff’s prolific creative journey knows no bounds.

 Recently, he worked hand-in-hand with host Stephen Colbert to produce the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards’ Opening Song and two other host films. The three shorts featuring Colbert and dozens of other A-listers were praised as the top moments for the show in 2017. Shortly after, he was hand-picked by Judd Apatow to help composite the #MeToo and #TimesUp piece that was the focal point of the 90th Oscars.

 Before Jeff steps on-set, he has already conceived every aspect of the final product. Having started his career as an editor, he knows exactly what it takes on set to bring the final vision to life in the most efficient and effective way possible. Regardless of the challenge, Jeff works tirelessly to make sure dreams become a reality.


Associate Producer

Often described as calm, determined and action-orientated, Allison is a passionate and versatile producer. Since joining the team in 2014, Allison has continually fulfilled both logistical and creative roles to bring concepts to life, and enjoys the challenge that comes with the diversity of content that Outlaw Laboratories produces.

Allison is responsible for production management and hiring, researching and interviewing, accounting details and payroll, and client services. She is full of energy, and with the mission to keep the Outlaw Laboratories team organized, she ensures the efficiency of projects so they are delivered on time, every time.

Given the breadth of topics and events Outlaw Laboratories works with, Allison brings a new perspective to the team with her pop-culture knowledge and her previous work in entertainment, through the professional sports world. She truly enjoys the opportunity to produce content that influences and impacts the world around us.

She loves all aspects of production and post production, from idea inception to late nights in the edit heading towards final delivery, and is a breath of fresh air in the industry. With a comprehensive skill set and understanding of what it takes to get something to air, she is an asset to our team.