Outlaw Laboratories is a boutique television production company, specializing in innovative custom content with a multi-platform reach. Leading the creative charge is Emmy nominated and award winning Producer, Director and Editor, Jeff Roe. Outlaw Laboratories grew from Jeff’s passion for art and storytelling, which led to transferring his ideas into stunning on-screen visuals. A decade later, we are still fueled by the desire to deliver fresh, innovative and compelling content.


We provide imaginative and cost-effective solutions while inspiring, engaging and entertaining audiences. From televised events to comedic short films, from advertiser funded marketing campaigns to bespoke digital content, Outlaw Laboratories thrives on pushing creative boundaries by conceiving of new and engaging viewer experiences, no matter the scope or scale of the project.



A true storyteller at heart, Jeff Roe is dedicated to producing content on the cutting edge – and has built his legacy on the principle of transforming idiosyncratic ideas into successful properties.

With 20 years of experience, 9 Emmy Nominations, and multiple wins from film festivals around the globe, Roe has lent his unique and varied skill set to nearly every format and medium of storytelling. From live action / animation integration, to visual effects for major feature films, executing unprecedented one-of-a-kind musical performances, conceiving and bringing to life viral comedy shorts, as well as full-length event television specials – Roe’s prolific creative journey is boundless. Regardless of the challenge, Roe always abides by the idea that making distinctive films of any kind – no  matter the scale – takes vision, forethought, and nerve, and he works tirelessly to ensure dreams become reality.


Head of Production



Associate Producer